Dawn in Namibia

As the Tour d’Afrique arrive s in Cape Town at the end of its four-month trans-continental journey everyone’s in a reflective mood. Here are a couple of quotes that sum it up from us:

“I’m beachside in Montezuma, Costa Rica but definitely wishing I could be riding in to Cape Town tomorrow at the finish of this year’s Tour d’Afrique.

 At the risk of becoming very repetitive I want to say – once again! – what a great trip it was. I wanted to put together a team that reflected the diversity of Lonely Planet – our authors, our different offices, our overseas partners – and I think we did that and then some.

The Tour d’Afrique is the perfect LP adventure and I am sure all 16 of our riders had a great time, I know I did. If I could have fitted it into my schedule I’d have kept on pedalling from Lilongwe. I rode out for the first 10km of that next stage and it was really painful to have to turn back.

Equally important we fitted in really well with the other riders and added some fresh flavour on each section. Just when the ‘all the way’ riders were getting tired of the same old faces a couple of new LP riders would turn up.”

~ Tony Wheeler


“What an incredible adventure, although I was only present for 1700 kilometres, I am proud to have carried across the Finish Line the powerful impressions and well wishes of all 16 Lonely Planet participants, all wishing they could have tackled more than they did.” 

~ Ethan Gelber


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