One Stage to Go

News just in:  LP’s Travel Editor Tom Hall and author Mara Vorhees have fininshed their stage of the Tour d’Afrique through Botswana and Namibia. They reached Windhoek, capital of Namibia, after some long and hard rides on the long and straight roads through the Kalahari.


Mara emailed to say:   Hello from windy Windhoek.  Tom and I finished today amidst thunder and lightning and rain and hail… This is not what I expected from the Kalahari…

Well done Tom and Mara. There’s now just one stage to go, from Windhoek down to Cape Town, and tomorrow Tom and Mara hand over the virtual baton to Lonely PLanet team-mates Ethan Gelber and Xiao Biar.

Look out for updates here on this blog as Ethan and Xiao pedal towards the finish line at the tip of the continent.


~ David Else


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