Windhoek Bound

Tom and Mara have crossed the border, leaving behind Botswana and now heading through Namibia with the rest of the Tour d’Afrique riders. Tom reports that the Namibian landscape seems even emptier, drier and hotter than Botswana, with the  long straight roads so characteristic of this part of Africa.


Yesterday was the longest day of the entire Tour d’Afrique: 207km. The group started at dawn, and some got into camp way after dark. Tom reports that he “started at the front of the peleton, then went to the back, then was dragged along in the slipstream for half an hour, then felt strong near the end and was pretty much first home”. Mara is also going well, cruising through the miles with EFI status firmly intact.

(EFI stands for Every Fabulous Inch – insert your preferred alternative for the ‘F’ – and is for riders who pedal the whole way.)

The next two days are both 160km (100 miles) and bring the riders into Windhoek, the end of this stage of the Tour, where Tom and Mara will meet Ethan and Xaio, the last two members of the Lonely Planet relay team, who then ride on to the finish line at Cape Town. The end is in sight…

~David Else


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