Tom on a Mission!

Latest update from the Tour d’Afrique in Botswana:

LP’s hardy travel editor Tom Hall was enjoying the ride so much yesterday he somehow missed the camp spot, and just kept on cycling down the Elephant Highway.



After doing another 80km or so (on top of the day’s 160km) Tom realised something was wrong, but decided going on was better than turning back. He managed to phone someone in the UK who in turn phoned the Tour d’Afrique base in Canada, but they couldn’t get a message to the Tour d’Afrique support truck. In the end, the truck chased Tom nearly all the way to Maun, the end of the NEXT day’s ride.


So Tom, by accident, has combined two days in one – a total of 270km. A good ride, and impressive under usual circumstances, although in this case (in Tom’s own words) his little endurance exploit ‘caused a bit of a stink’.


Still, at least Tom will enjoy the rest day tomorrow…


4 responses to “Tom on a Mission!

  1. I have today been reunited with fellow riders and crew, who were good enough to only rib me gently rather than throw me in the pool for going awol. It has been noted that the only riders lost on the tour have been Scott Kennedy and I.

    As I was asked this morning: ‘What Lonely Planet are you guys on?’

  2. 270k in a day?! Most of it by yourself? I would have cried.

  3. presumably you would describe your phone conversation from the Elephant Highway as a trunk call, Tom? Impressive going!

  4. nice one Tom! mind those elephants…

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