Just about halfway

It’s been two months and over 6000km, but the Tour d’Afrique cyclists have pedalled their way from Cairo to Iringa in southern Tanzania and are currently getting a taste of Malawi Gin, the fifth stage of the ride which leads through a land of ‘varied scenery and supremely friendly locals’ to give truth the the clichés: visit here and you are in the warm heart of Africa. Malawi is best known for it’s beautiful lake, but it also has some magnificent national parks and, of course, some great riding.

Donkeys & Bikes (Pic: David Else)

How warm, then? Well in Lilongwe things are a very pleasant sunny and mid-twenties celcius, dropping only a few degrees at night. Perfect for cycling, wouldn’t you say? Martin Heng would agree with you: our Melbourne-based Editorial Manager wasn’t content with riding just one stage of the tour and signed up to double the fun. He’ll be riding 2136km in all across Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi – and he calls this a holiday.

Hopefully we’ll get word from him soon, as well as Tony and Fe, on how their two-wheeled adventure is going.

~ Tom Hall


One response to “Just about halfway

  1. Looks like Rana has decided to continue on with Martin, Tony and Fe as well!


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