Everyone’s got a different two-wheeled special for the Tour. A few Lonely Planet riders shared the secrets of their dream machines – not that they’ll be calling them that if they break down a few feet from an angry rhinocerous.

David Nelson's bike


I bought a new bike especially for the tour, as I normally ride a Gemini road racing bike. My other clunky ‘no need to lock-up’ bike-for-going-down-to-the-shops was never really in contention for an African holiday. I’m taking a black Trek 7.3 FX bike with 22.5 cm aluminium frame. The saddle is a Bontrager Nebula (sounds good I hope my bottom agrees). The tyres are Schwalbe Marathon Plus (puncture proof I’m told) 700x32cm;60tpi. w/Shimano EF60 levers

I’ve added end bars to the handlebars padded with rubber tube, and intend to ride with a Topeak MTX rear beam rack and bag to carry all those goodies including spares, medical kit, snacks and extra water bottles. And I’ve got my trusty old soccer ball bell (to ring it a little foot kicks the ball – cute eh?)

The bike is light, fast and yet durable.

– David Nelson

Nate's bike

The components for my steel-framed Lemond Zurich were harvested from a Bianchi, which met its demise under the wheels of a Honda while training. For comfort, there’s a well-conditioned Brooks leather saddle and a medallion of Our Lady of Ghisallo, patron of cyclists (welded to the frame after my coming-together with a Honda).

– Nate Cavalieri


More bike pics to come!

~ Tom Hall



One response to “Bikes!

  1. Nice bike! Also a few days ago I bought the same model and accidentally put the same tires, and I decided to also add a package carrier Topeak Super Tourist DX and replaced by a more comfortable saddle (Selle Italia). Gradually it will become my bike commuting and tour.
    Maybe it would be so kind to include a picture of the final result so far.

    -Un saludo- from Spain

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