Roadside bikes in Ethiopia

The Tour d’Afrique riders have arrived in Nairobi and are currently swapping stories with Martin Heng and Rana Freedman. These are the cyclists who’ll carry the LP baton on to Iringa in southern Tanzania, a stage where riders should meet plenty of wildlife. Not for nothing have they dubbed themselves ‘lionbait’. While we wait for Jim and Carlo to tell us their stories about corrugated lava roads, thunderstorms and the ‘kick in the head’ of northern Kenya I thought I’d update you on how they’ve been racing – and the answer is impressively!

The results from a selection of the Meltdown Madness are:

Leg 40: Jim 2nd, Carlo 9th
Leg 41: Carlo 2nd, Jim 12th
Leg 42: Jim 1st, Carlo 8th
Leg 43: Jim 1st, Carlo 7th
Leg 44: Carlo 2nd, Jim 14th

We take our hats (and helmets) off in recognition of the superhuman efforts these results would have taken.

~ Tom Hall


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