Meltdown Madness!

The Tour d’Afrique is an unrelenting adventure. While you wouldn’t expect that a cycling trip going all the way from Cairo to Cape Town in 120 days to hang around, the pace can sometimes be breathtaking. No sooner have David and Quentin returned than our next riders are on the way south.

Carlo Chierotti works in IT for EDT, Lonely Planet’s Italian-language publisher who are based in the northern city of Turin. He’s joined by Jim Hsu, a Layout Designer in Melbourne.

Even though the road south passes through some wild, remote scenery some updates are coming through from the riders.

Carlo’s wife, Paola, passes on the message that:

“On their first day, Carlo and Jim rode 108 km in little more than 5 hours. The whole group was a bit worried about stone throwing by the local kids, but nothing happened. Today they rode 130 km to Hosaina, where they are now camped.”

Jim’s blog raves about their second day:

“Amazing landscape, beautiful people, best espresso for 20 cents! This morning’s ride to lunch was 70 km. Very hilly race but I smashed it in the end.”

Stage two action - Image: David Else

Stage two action - Image: David Else

Meltdown Madness, as the stage is called, will really live up to its name and test the boys right to the limit. The TDA site notes what they have to look forward to:

“Crossing from Ethiopia into Kenya begins the “meltdown” portion of this section because the roads in northern Kenya consist of an unpaved lava rock expanse that redefines the word bumpy. This road runs through a hot flat rock desert and then the paved highway begins and you start the ascent around majestic Mount Kenya.”

Good luck out there and we hope your front derailleur holds up!

~ Tom Hall


2 responses to “Meltdown Madness!

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  2. Anthony Moretti

    Well done Jim on finishing! I hope your teammate, Carlo, made it with you too.
    Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

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