Into Ethiopia – and the mountains!

As the riders cross the border into Ethiopia it feels like they’re cycling further into the heart of the continent. A few days ago I phoned David Else and Quentin Frayne from London and spoke to them on a crystal-clear Khartoum phone line. Doing the same from across the border in Ethiopia was an exercise in after-you-Claude battling crackles and delays.

The four-day ride from Khartoum to the border was a real test of riders mettle, likened by David to riding into a hairdryer. At the border camp the Sudan side was home to an enormous mosque, while the Ethiopians offerd more earthly comforts with a ramshackle bar. Riding in Sudan

The next few days promise hills – and plenty of them. 1100m of ascent in 110km to kick things off, then plenty more chances to test out those knobbly tires.

~ Tom Hall


2 responses to “Into Ethiopia – and the mountains!

  1. That bus is pretty neat. I would love to do that trip!

  2. nice work guys! keep up the great work – I’ll be following along EFI of the way!

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