Khartoum in our sights…

The Tour d’Afrique riders are making great progress through northern Sudan. After more than two weeks of cycling, Scott and Sharif, riding Stage 1 for the Lonely Planet relay team, are within 500km of Khartoum and near the end of their ride. In Khartoum they hand over to the Stage 2 team-members: David Else and Quentin Frayne.

David writes:

So there’s just 48 hours to go before I head off to Sudan. Quentin goes tomorrow, and we’ll meet in Khartoum, ready for Scott and Sharif to pass on the baton. In a few days we’ll be cycling south towards the mountains of Ethiopia.

I can’t wait to get started.

I’ve dismantled my bike and got it in a box for the flight, along with some extra tyres (we need slicks for the tar roads and knobblies for the gravel sections) and various other spare parts. My kit bag is full of cycling gear, with more lyrca shorts than you can throw a chamois at, as we’ll be riding pretty much every day until we reach Addis Ababa in a couple of weeks time.

My one luxury: an mp3 player loaded with podcasts from BBC Radio 4, plus some world music to get in the mood, and a lot of techno and good old fashioned punk for when I’m bowling along the highways with the wind behind…


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